You may find it unnecessary to read about the history of Gain laundry detergent.  But isn’t it interesting to get to know how much effort and time has been put towards the making of a wonderful cleaning product?


Important Dates In The History Of Gain Laundry Detergent

Some say that it all started in 1966; others say it is 1969.  Whichever the exact year is, Gain was first seen in the market as a stain-removing detergent which was driven by enzymes.  In 1981, Procter& Gamble made a huge decision to reposition Gain for its scented detergents.

From then on and through these decades, the brand made a strong vision to push its scent-based line of detergents among consumers who love scented detergents.  This scent-based focus resulted to the rapid growth of the business, which led to the production of more detergents in various scents.

In the early part of 2006, Gain introduced to the market its very successful Gain Joyful Expressions line.  This launch was so successful that it played an integral role in pushing Gain’s sales beyond the one billion dollar mark.  Customers find joy in using the line’s Gardenia Delight, Mandarin Lime Fusion and the Apple Mango Tango.

Recently, Gain gave the public its Baking Soda variant which everybody is falling in love with.  Several customers are delighted with the amazing way that it cleans and the way it smells.


Important Dates In History Of Gain Laundry Detergent: For The Good Of The Environment

Little did the manufacturers know that Gain would be beneficial to the environment as well.

1)      Less Energy Use

Use Gain laundry detergent and you will be able to completely clean your clothes without            having to use much energy.  It is because with Gain, you will only need one-time rinsing.      That shortens time in using the washing machine for rinsing.  Less use of energy means       less emission of greenhouses gases.

2)      Less Use of Detergent

With Gain, you need small amounts of detergent to finish the job.  Think of how much     you can help in controlling n slowing down the degradation of our aquatic resources.          Too much detergent chemicals made to seep into the earth causes the following:

  • These detergent  chemicals remain in the soil for a long, long time, waiting to be washed into our rivers and seas
  • These chemicals are toxic to aquatic organisms and algae.
  • Eutrophication of fresh water


Line Up Of Scent Variants

Today, we have a lot of scent variants to choose from.  There are a lot of them so make sure you will pick the one that you will enjoy the most.  Aside from those mentioned above and the original variant, we now have apple berry twist, sunflower, lemon zest, honeyberry hula,  sunshine, icy fresh, ocean escape, apple mango and lavender.


A Wish

Gain Laundry DetergentOnly a few people are interested about history because they do not realize that it has implications on the way we live in the present.  I hope you are not one of them.  Instead, I wish that you have enjoyed learning some bits of information about the history of Gain laundry detergent.